Solar components

Solar control unit accessories

Surge protection for the collector sensor

Surge protection for outdoor installation. This should always be used to protect the sensitive temperature sensors in or at the collector. If a lightning discharge occurs nearby, voltage peaks can be induced in the sensor leads which can destroy the sensor. The protection diodes in the USK (surge protection for the collector sensor) limit these voltage peaks to a value that won't damage the sensor. The greatest sensor protection for the sensor can be attained by mounting the housing as close to the sensor as possible. The USK is contained in a solid housing for outdoor installation in accordance with external weather conditions. Three cable guides for the sensor line in the underside facilitate uncomplicated installation.

  • splash-proof housing

Ambient temperature sensor

The ATS is used to detect the outside temperature with a platinum measurement element. The ATS is contained in a waterproof housing for outdoor installation in accordance with external weather conditions. Cable guides for the sensor line in the underside facilitate uncomplicated installation.

  • Ambient temperature sensor with Pt1000 measurement element for heating circuit control
  • splash-proof housing for outside installation

Remote control unit

The FVH remote control unit serves to conveniently adjust the heating characteristics of the controller from the living area. Increasing or decreasing the heating characteristics raises or lowers the forward flow temperature respectively. The integrated sensor detects the room temperature.

Solar cell

The solar cell serves to detect the current solar radiation intensity. The short-circuit current increases as the radiation intensity increases. The sensor can be used as additional plausibility check or with direct control management. The connection line can be extended up to 100 m. Used together with Multiplex.

Temperature Sensor

Versatile temperature sensor that can be installed in thimbles; the thimbles are not included with delivery. A resistance proportional to the temperature is measured (1,000 Ohm at 0 °C, the resistance increases linearly with temperature and vice versa). Only two wires are required for this; the resistance is zero for a sensor short-circuit and infinite for a sensor or cable break. No damage is caused to the electronic systems connected in either case (sensor break is normally recognised as such by the electronic system). Caution when laying cables: Due to possible induction, always lay sensor lines away from lines carrying higher voltage (cable ducts, cable trays, etc.)! Otherwise, use screened cables and connect screen to earth.

Flowrate measure device V40 for heat metering

The V40 volume measuring instrument is a measuring device with contact transmitter for measuring the flow of water or water-glycol mixtures and is used together with TiSUN controllers for heat quantity metering. After a defined flow volume has flowed through it, the V40issues a pulse to the heat quantity meter. The WMZ (heat quantity meter) calculates the used heat from these pulses and a measured temperature difference based on defined parameters (type of glycol, density, heat capacity, etc.). The V40 is available for various connection diameters and rated flow quantities. Their design is different, but they function identically. They are delivered with screw connections. They must be installed taking into consideration the flow direction (observe the direction stipulated on the housing). To slow down the flow conditions, there must be a run-in and run-off of at least 30 cm before and after the volume measuring instrument.

  • Suitable for glycol-water mixtures
  • Impeller meter with solenoid coupling
  • Low pressure loss
  • High-quality, wearproof materials