Solar components

Charging and discharging stations

Fresh water station for large-scale installations

Fresh water station especially for hygienic drinking water preparation in large-scale systems, with standard-series circulation pump and pre-mixing valve integrated as standard (prevention of thermal-related calcination).

Anti-stagnation unit with 3-way motor switch valve

Ready-to-install anti-stagnation unit for collector surface areas of up to 150 m², consisting of solar fluid cooler, electric ventilator and 3-way valve.

Swimming pool charging station

Swimming pool charging station consisting of stainless steel plate heat exchanger, on the solar system 2 connections with shutoff valves, 2 sensor thimbles for pump control and overheating protection of the plastic pool pipes. On the swimming pool side, 2 stainless steel connections with shutoff valves.

Tank pump unit

The universal secondary pump group for black water consists of an high-efficiency pump Wilo Yonos Para ST 25/7.0 PWM2, multifunctional ball valve with integrated thermometer, 2nd ball valve and flat seals, pre-insulated in EPP heat insulation jacket