Piping & Hydraulic Sets

Dual corrugated pipe

The double corrugated pipe (DWR) simplifies collector connection up to the roof insertion or the complete piping on to the solar station. The double corrugated pipe system is characterised by its unique connection system, its temperature-.resistance and the high flexibility of the pre-insulated pipes.

The highly pressure-resistant metal hose with wide corrugation is semi-elastic and allows the shape to be easily change by manual bending. The corrugated hose can therefore be easily adjusted to individual needs and requirements.
The insulation of the protective sleeve is UV resistant, provides protection from mechanical strain, is free of PVC and CFC, and can be easily separated without loss of insulation. The stud link, which connects both pre-insulated corrugated pipes, can be easily separated with a knife - without damaging the insulation. Due to the pre-insulated pipe with integrated two-wire sensor cable, as well as to the unique connection system of the forward and return flow, time and costs are saved during installation.

All TiSUN double corrugated pipe are delivered with 4 protective caps and 4 shrink sleeves for weatherproof installation without penetration or any foreign bodies.


Hydraulic basic set copper

The HGC has all connections necessary to hook up the collector array to copper piping. The connection fitting with immersion sleeve and integrated 90° bracket can always be installed at the hottest point of the collector, thereby allowing the temperature of the solar forward flow to be ideally determined. The connection fitting with blind threaded connection and integrated 90° bracket connects the solar return flow with the piping. The two additional dummy plugs supply the remaining connections of the collector array. Easy installation of the fittings (plug & flow) by fixing through the PFM base plate.

The HGW for corrugates pipe has all connections necessary to hook up the collector array to the TiSUN corrugated pipe piping system. The corrugated pipe and any required fittings must be ordered separately.

Hydraulic extension set

The expansion set is used for the hydraulic connection between the collectors of an array. By means of a new connection system, up to 10 collectors can (depending on the format) be interconnected within an array. Easy installation of the connector (plug & flow) by pushing into the end of the expanded  header. 

PFM Connector 96 mm with pre-assembled O-rings (set of 2)