Solar tanks

PH PRO-HEAT Stratified tank

PH – Pro-Heat stratified tank with spherical exchanger connection

High-quality stratified tank made of steel (S 235 JR) for hot-water operation with a solar system. Stratified solar charging is via an external spherical exchanger. All necessary connections are at hand; includes 2x 2" sleeves for electric screw-in heating elements. The tank stands on a stand ring. The spherical exchanger and the polyester fibre fleece insulation must be ordered separately (compare Accessories).
Note: A fresh water module is required for optional preparation of hot water.

Area of use
For heating systems with a solar system for single-family and semi-detached houses or projects.

Product benefits

  • Efficient use of solar energy using a natural principle for heating systems
  • Simple functional concept without complicated technology or supplementary electrical energy (gravity circulation principle)
  • Backup heating from all common systems possible
  • Inflow absorbers prevent the layers in the tank from mixing – especially during heat pump operation
  • Hygienic water heating due to a special corrugated stainless-steel pipe1 (DN 40, 1.4404)
  • 5 temperature measuring points (sensor pockets) for each of three temperature sensors on the tank
  • Access flange DN 200 from 1500 litres
  • Prepared for use with 2 electric screw-in heating elements (photovoltaic feed-in)




  • Optimum use of solar energy for hot water and heating with stratified charging
  • Hygienic fresh water heating using special corrugated stainless-steel pipe
  • Improved economic efficiency for every heating system (solar, biomass, heat pump)
  • Constant, particularly quick hot water output
  • Simple functional concept without complicated technology (natural principle)
  • Space-saving design with minimum heat loss thanks to highly efficient thermal insulation
  • Five-year guarantee, patented system
  • Tank volume from 500 to 5,000 litres
  • Long service life