Quality and Certificates

Quality and certificates


Quality and service provide security 

TiSUN system technology leads the way throughout Europe, promoting target-orientated innovations, superior quality and continual product improvement. Our complete solar heating solutions enable more and more customers throughout Europe and the entire world to step optimistically towards the energy of the future.

TiSUN combines high technology with ecology and ecology with economic efficiency. Our quest is to create a clean environment and provide you with energy independence. We are also working towards a future in which sustainability is becoming increasingly important.

A tight distribution and service network ensures that TiSUN professionals are always close at hand. TiSUN will advise you which solar solution is best for your private house, company or project. Our specialists will endeavour to design and produce an energy optimisation solution which is right for you. We will advise you on how to benefit from the numerous support programmes for increasing energy efficiency which are becoming available in virtually all European countries and in the USA.


Quality and performance

TiSUN passes all compulsory and voluntary examinations to ensure transparency with regard to its product quality. In 2003 and 2007, TiSUN was awarded the Austria Solar Seal of Quality. Its dynamic culture of innovation, compliance with the most stringent of quality criteria in all product groups and exemplary environmental friendliness, customer service and ease of maintenance were decisive factors in winning the jury over. In addition to national accreditations and certifications, since 2007 all serially produced TiSUN collectors have been awarded the Solar Keymark, the standard certificate of quality acknowledged throughout Europe.


European product certification

Solar Keymark

Solar Rating & Certification Corporation

Environmental certification

ISO 14001

All-Cert 9001

ISO certification 9001